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Ham [7’30”]
for organ, piano, sampler, e guitar, accoustic guiar and electronics (fixed media)
Commissioned for the Festival of Laurence Crane
fp Festival of Laurence Crane Tribute concert | St Giles Cripplegate, London | 18th October 

This Unquiet Autumn [14’]
for Soprano and Piano (+sampler) 
commissioned by Juliet Fraser for The Carson Comissions 
wp Musica Sacra Maastricht, 25th Sept 2021 
listen here

the bird that fell out of the sky [5’]
for solo viola
Written for the Psappha Composing For Scheme

Shades of Blue [15’]
comissioned by Matsena Productions for BBC Arts Dancing Nation at Sadler’s Wells
Broadcast on BBC Iplayer, Jan 2021. 

Error Code 8:46 [Feature Film]
Original Score
Matsena Productions
Coming soon


Are You Numb Yet? [Short Film - 10’]
Original Score
Matsena Productions
Zoo TV, online, Summer 2020
winner of the infallibles award

(for various reasons) not enough of you [7’]
an experimental home video with sound
made in Lockdown
Lara Agar

Soil [3’]
for large chamber ensemble and voices (2 fl, cl, 2 sax, hn, tpt, 1trb, tuba, pno, perc. (marimba), e. guitar, e bass guitar, Soprano, Mezzo soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone.)
written for the Orkest de Ereprijs
fp Young Composer’s Meeting | Gigant, Apeldoorn | 28th Feb  

Every Lemon is Different [15’]for electronics and field recordings
Commissioned by Phoebe Pryor
fp performance installation, The Performance Bar, Rotterdam | 8th Feb 

To Pass [3’]
for solo piano and electronics
Commissioned by the Barbican for the Beethoven 250 Weekender
fp Hyunjeong Hwang | Barbican | 1st Feb


Canon and Chaconne [8’] 
for string quartet + electronics
Composed for and performed by the Quatuor Bozzini
fp 3rd December | Milton Court Concert Hall

Codi [15’]
for manipulated / recorded brass, male voices and electronics[8’]
Commissioned by the National Dance Company of Wales | choreography by Anthony Matsena
Roots Tour | 7th - 27th November | Theatr Clwyd, Mold (premiere)

Vessels of Affliction [25’ in two parts]
studio recording
Commissioned by Sadler’s Wells | choreography by Anthony Matsena
fp Sadler’s Wells Young Associates: Together, not the same directed by Hetain Patel | Sadler’s Wells Main Stage | 17th July.

Accidental Rock Opera [20’]
for two violins, e. guitar, double bass, mezzo soprano, found objects, perc.
fp by by Lara Agar, Antonin Granier, Patrick Hegarty, Thomas Morgan, Beatriz Rola, Rosalie Warner, Mathis Saunier
at Excellent Vocal Takes | SET Dalston Lane | 23rd June

Chalk [ca. 11’]
for violin, guitar, brick and videotape
fp Beatriz Rola, Kendall Perry, Da Hye (Clara) Yang | Freedom of Movement Festival (Unfinished) | Iklectik | 14th March

I Was Once Spinning and Looping [5’]
for chamber orchestra
Written for the Guildhall Orchestral Artistry Project in collaboration with the London Symphony Orchestra
Silk Street Music Hall, London | 4th March 


Tutseka [7’]
studio recording
Commissioned by Sadler’s Wells | Choreography by Anthony Matsena
Young Associates Mixed Bill | Lilian Baylis Studio | 9th-10th October

Regenerate [20’]
improvisation and loop pedal music for violin and electronics with Stelious Antoniou
Commissioned by the Matsena Performance Theatre Company
The Bunker | London Bridge | 25-26th August

Bucket By My Leaking Loo [10’]
for violin, clarinet, percussion and electric guitar
Written for the Plus Minus Ensemble
fp Silk Street Music Hall | 29th June

Reflections :;’;’;; : restive [9’]
for soprano, mezzo soprano alto flute, tenor saxophone, double bass
Libretto by Edward Einhorn
fp Wigmore Hall | Voiceworks | 3rd June 

These Are the Thrones [ca. 10’]
for solo mezzo soprano with devised choreography by Greta Schutzer
Commissioned by Rosalie Warner
fp APT Gallery | Perception 2021 | 6th May

Gangan [10’]
for Violin and Piano + field recording
fp Silk Street Music Hall | 2nd May 

Short Meditation for the Dreamer [ca. 10’]
for electronics and devised choreography
Commissioned by Waste Paper Opera Company for Whole Punch
fp Lara Agar + Angel Parker| The Rosemary Branch Theatre | 11th April 

Dance, Curious Joy [6’]
for tenor and piano
Commissioned by the Ludlow English Song Weekend
fp Ludlow Assembly Rooms | 7th April 

Jabberwocky [6’]
for 6 voices SMTCBB
Written for and performed by EXAUDI
fp Milton Court Concert Hall | 20th March 


Anima Rose [13’]
for mezzo soprano, percussion and piano duet
choreography by Anthony Matsena
fp The Place | 7th December

Angels [4’]
for 2 pianos 
fp Sam Peña Alvarez, Jack Tait Westwell | Milton Court Concert Hall | 22nd September

Sea Sounds [ca. 5’]
for solo piano 
fp Satoko Inoue | Lecture Recital Room, GSMD | 13th November

Quicksand [ca 7']
for String Orchestra
Written for the National Youth String Orchestra cond. Damian Iorio | July


Forgive Me Not [ca. 45’]
Commissioned by No Door Theatre Company
a play written by Sarah Teale
fp Zifferblat, Manchester | 8th December

Octet for Percussion and Strings [8’]
for 2vln., vla., vc., 4perc.
fp Libby Sherwood, Adam Collins, Dominic Skingle, James Heathcote, Ella Walker, Matt Edwards, Siobhan Shay, Dan Nolan | Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, Manchester | 25th April 

The Falls [ca. 1hr 30’]
Commissioned by Tom Luke & Eli Carvajal
a play written by Tom Luke
Manchester In Fringe Theatre Awards
fp John Thaw Theatre, Manchester 17th February

Dance of the Inner City Dweller [6’]
for piano, clarinet in Bb, violin, cello and percussion
fp Alice Millar, Rory Johnston, Jasmine Simons + Ollie Thomson, cond. Sam Keeler |Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, Manchester | 20th January


Motion 1 [5’]
for string quartet
written for the Quatuor Danel
Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, Manchester | 23rd April

The King's Breakfast [6’]
for soprano, percussion, violin and cello
fp Freya Turton, Louise Bracken, Nicola Warner, Ollie Thomson | Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall | 24th February

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