reflections :;’;’;; : restive

for soprano, mezzo soprano, double bass, alto flute + tenor sax.

fp Regina Freire, Simone Ibbett-Brown, Thomas Plater, Fiona Sweeney, Thomas Morgan | Wigmore Hall | 7th June 2018

duration 9'


‘Reflections :;’;’;; : restive’ attempts to capture the strange feeling of what it’s like to be in a dream when something is, somehow, not quite right… The everyday has become strange and at the same time the grotesque has become normal, sitting on the boundary between reality and the anxiety of the subconscious.

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original poem by Edward Einhorn

I know this place
The ice
Blood seeping through my toes
The wind bitter but silent
My skin transparent
Except for a maze of veins
I know what happens
She approaches
Whispers in a language I can't quite comprehend
Words turn to honey
Run down my neck
I reach up
Just my ear, brittle from the cold
We walk
And I leave bright red footprints in the snow
Shards of glass digging against my bones
Her kind eyes fill me with dread
I see my house
“Come, have some tea,” I invite her
“Please, let me make you some toast and jam.
I’ll put the kettle on
Won’t that be nice?”
In the kitchen
Water bubbles
For a moment I am she
Watching my feet drag blood across the vinyl floor
Watching me pour milk into the tea
Waiting for me
And then
The next day
Sunlight streams into my kitchen
I make tea again
Warm, familiar comfort
What was it that I dreamed
I've forgotten

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