Vessels of Affliction - Part 1

Comissioned by Sadler's Wells for the Sadler's Wells Young Associates | Main Stage, 17th July 2019

directed by Hetain Patel
choreography by Anthony Matsena
costume by Sanjna Umesh
lighting by Ryan Stafford
Additional Music by Emily Izen Row
Music production: Lara Agar and Franklin Mocket
Mixed by Franklin Mocket
Recording: Lara Agar
percussion: Antonin Granier, Franklin Mocket
flute: Da Hye Yang

Part 1 | ︎︎︎ Part 2

Photo by Helen Murray

Photo by Helen Murray
Photo by Helen Murray

Photo by Helen Murray

“the combination of the dance, lighting and soundscape is perfection” - Upper Circle

“with excellent dancers and an atmospheric score, this performance ignites from start to finish” - The Upcoming

“Humans Have Formed Tribes Since The Beginning Of Our Existence. It’s Instinctive. They Have Leader Followers And Shared Responsibility To The Health Of A Community. Where The Spirit, Soul And Mind Have The Same Importance.
What Happens When These Same Communities Are Displaced? Where Fear Is Constant And Safety Is All But Rare. What Are The Ramifications For The Lost One? Have Gangs Become The Man’s Modern Tribes?
Vessels Of Affliction Show The Beauty And Strength Of People Coming Together Versus The Heart-Breaking And Frightening Outcome Of The Same People Under A Failing System.”

all photos by Hellen Murray

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