bucket by my leaking loo
for cl, vln, vc, e guit. + perc.
written for the Plus Minus Ensemble     
fp Plus Minus Ensemble cond. Mark Knoop | Silk Street Music Hall, GSMD | 29th June 2018
duration 10'


Bucket By My Leaking Loo began with a poem I wrote when my loo was leaking, and my relationship to the bucket which was capturing the water. I kept having to empty the bucket at all kinds of hour of the day and night, and for this I had to rely on my body clock.
This piece is also about sound, music, layering things over each other. This is a collection of ideas, an attempt to create a wholly discombobulating feeling. The conductor is the protagonist. I imagine the music is the sound in his head, rattling around. The disconnect between inside and outside your body. That feeling when everything around you is going faster than your consciousness. Lack of control, lack of control, control. Letting what happens happen. These are all ideas. 

images are stills captured on the camera of the conductor’s head during the performance

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